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Within the documents, links to handouts and materials will be active soon. In the meantime, all handouts and materials are available in several places on the site: immediately following each instructional unit in both the Whole Curriculum on the main page and the Units by Level folder; and in the Materials by Topic folder.


An ESOL Toolkit for Financial Literacy

Managing money and understanding the United States financial system are great challenges for newcomers to the U.S.; however, few financial resources exist for adult ESOL learners, especially beginning-level English learners.

Money Talks is a comprehensive, multi-level resource for teaching financial literacy to adult ESOL students that can be used and adapted to fit a wide range of learning situations.

Teacher's Guide: This guide contains information about teaching the Money Talks units, including how to use the Picture Stories, suggested teaching strategies, and a flowchart that details the progression of units, as well as the structure of each unit. (.pdf)

Whole Curriculum: This contains all Money Talks instructional units and accompanying materials for the literacy, beginning / low-intermediate, and high-intermediate / advanced language levels. (.pdf)

Introduction and Needs Analysis: This document contains the introductory unit to Money Talks in which students will reflect on their own financial practices. The unit also includes an introduction to the Money Talks topics and an opportunity for students to express their topic choice and to articulate their financial dreams and future goals. This is adaptable for all language levels. (.pdf)

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Money Talks is a project of The Literacy Institute and the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center at Virginia Commonwealth University, Northern Shenandoah Valley Adult Education, and Prince William County Public Schools.

Money Talks was made possible by the generous support of the Office of Adult Education and Literacy, the Virginia Department of Education, and the English Literacy/Civics Education Program.